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Project Management

We do everything in the mold remediation process except the mold removal and water damage restoration.  But for a small fee, we offer to manage it to ensure proper compliance with protocols we outlined in our mold inspection report. This means you can work with one company to manage the project from A to Z. 

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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

- Abraham Lincoln

Mold Inspection

A job worth doing, is worth doing right the first time.

More than 20% of our customers call us after they paid a mold remediation company to eliminate their mold. 

The reasons are simple, mold will grow back if a proper fix or the correct protocols are not followed. And humidy control is critical in Florida. Only 17% relative humidity (RH) is needed for mold to survive, 60% RH to thrive.  The RH in Jacksonville & Orlando is 89%!

This is why the state of Florida put a statute in place to protect consumers, which requires a separate and independent, licensed & trained, Mold Inspection Company to write the protocols

You can avoid this same scenario by hiring JRG from the get-go. We offer a no-obligation free phone consult.

Mold Tests

We have seen a couple of dozen different types of mold growing in homes in East, North, and Central Florida. 


The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, (NORMI) defines the following five as “Target Molds”: Stachybotrys (Black Mold), Chaetomium, Trichoderma, Fusarium and Memnoniella.


Target molds must be remediated with extreme prejudice due to their production of mycotoxins that are harmful to human beings. 

NORMI further defines “Normal Indoor Air Quality” to have a Total Fungal Spore Count < 2000 spores/cubic meter.


It is not uncommon for us to find homes with spore counts > than 1,000,0000 spores/cubic meter.


Take a look at the pdf included here that shows an example of a typical test of a home that has clear visible mold growth


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tests

We test for more than mold.


We Test for Allergens, Chemicals & Pathogens

To improve your overall air quality, we can test for pollens, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, radon gas and other contributors to poor indoor air quality.


We can then write up protocols and make recommendations for the best way to ensure you have fresh outdoor air to breathe inside your home, long-term.

Insurance Claims Adjustment

We recently helped a homeowner who had already received a $16,000 settlement from State Farm, to increase it to $65,000.  A $49,000 difference!

The results are certainly not always that dramatic, but we have dozens of similar stories where we fought for our client and delivered a settlement greater than they could have on their own.

Here are a few more success stories from our clients.


JRG Mold Inspections & Testing was able to re-open my claim from Hurricane Irma that occurred in September, 2017 and get my mold infestation covered by my insurance carrier. We didn’t even know we could re-open our claim. Without JRG's knowledge and expertise of the claims process we would have paid out of pocket the entire mold remediation costs which exceeded $20,000

Tom Jones

General Contractor

Sebring, FL


Project Managemnt

Mold Inspection

10% of Mold Remediation

$150 to $1,200

Mold Tests

Included w/ Mold Inspection

IAQ Tests

Included w/ Mold Inspection

Claims Adjustment

Included w/ Mold Inspection

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