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"Without JRG's knowledge and expertise of the claims process we would have paid out of pocket the entire mold remediation costs which exceeded $20,000"

  Tom James, General Contractor
   Sebring, FL

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Experience Matters

We are a team of Mold Inspectors who have completed hundreds of Commercial, Industrial and Residential inspections and insurance claims on behalf of our customers.  As certified NORMI Mold Assessors and Certified Advanced IAQ Assessors, we write specific protocols for the types and patterns of mold growth in each unique situation. We have saved customers tens of thousands of dollars through bird-dogging insurance claims and through writing protocols that promote long-term remediation results.


One reason we exist, is more than 20% of our customers call us when their mold growth returns months after paying a mold remediation company to eliminate it.


You can avoid this same scenario by hiring JRG from the get-go. We offer a no-obligation free phone consult.


The Proper & Compliant Process for Mold Inspection & Remediation

The Florida State Department of Health in Statute 468.8419 requires that the Inspector and Remediator on a given project with more than 10 sq ft of visible mold, must be from independent companies to help protect customers from a conflict of interest.


For the very best outcomes, the remediation protocols should be written by an independent mold inspector to ensure a proper match between mold type and prescribed protocols.  This helps prevent you from having to do the job twice at twice the cost.


JRG Mold Inspections & Testing is...

  • Licensed and bonded in compliance with the State of Florida
  • Certified as Mold Assessors and Advanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessors, and Licensed by the Florida DBPR
  • Fully Insured (Worker’s Comp & Liability), and
  • Familiar with Mold-Free ConstructionTM

We Have Saved Clients $1000s

Insurance companies profit by NOT paying claims.  We go to war for you to make your insurance carrier fulfill their obligation per your policy. 

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Being licensed adjusters and assessors makes us different. When you choose JRG Mold Inspections & Testing you reduce the headache that comes with recouping some or all of your costs.

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Get a Mold Inspection Within 24 Hrs

Do you have 10 sq ft or more of visible mold growth? then you need to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. 

If you have a few questions you want answered first. We offer Free Phone Consults.  You can reach us at…
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Our Services

We are advocates for businesses and homeowners who want to get rid of mold, do it the right way, and want their insurance to pay for it. Our advocacy draws on years of experience assessing thousands of buildings and homes. Collecting and analyzing the relevant data. Managing third-party mold removal companies. Then fighting on our customers behalf to have it paid for by their P&C Insurance.


Mold Inspection

Fast, Certified Inspections for Florida Residents


Mold Tests

We send air & swab samples to an accredited lab 


IAQ Tests

Commercial and Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing


Claims Adjustment

We submit and follow up on insurance claims

We Can Provide References

We believe that no other mold inspection & test company in Florida will provide better value. If you need more proof, we can, upon request, provide multiple commercial or residential references. 

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Customer Testimonials


JRG Mold Inspections & Testing was able to re-open my claim from Hurricane Irma that occurred in September, 2017 and get my mold infestation covered by my insurance carrier. We didn’t even know we could re-open our claim. Without JRG's knowledge and expertise of the claims process we would have paid out of pocket the entire mold remediation costs which exceeded $20,000

Tom James

General Contractor

Sebring, FL


I recently purchased a town home in the Jacksonville area and noticed a dark spot on my living room ceiling. JRG Mold Inspections & Testing tested for mold and sure enough it was mold. Because my unit was still covered by my contractor’s home warranty, they were able to convince my builder to get it corrected without even having to file a claim with my insurance carrier.

Anne Alltop


Jacksonville, FL


I noticed water on my tile floor leading to my son’s bedroom. I called a water extraction company to investigate the leak and they tore out the drywall in the hallway to expose the source of the leak, it was a small pinhole in the water supply line to my son’s shower enclosure. I knew that my friend Joe Green that lives in my neighborhood is a Public Adjuster, Joe stepped me through the whole process and gave me the peace of mind knowing that I have someone on my side to help me through this unknown process.

Debbie Enerson


Jacksonville, FL

The Proper Mold Remediation Process

What to Expect: From Phone Consultation to Insurance Payout

How do I ensure I go about this the right way? Who All Needs to be Involved? How do I get P&C Insurance to pay? How long does this take? and... What can I expect from start to finish? 


We answer these questions, and more with the process flow below, and our FAQs.

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Based on Florida State Law, homeowners can do any job themselves, regardless of the job size.

If hired out, and there are less than 10 sq ft of visible mold, a mold remediation company can do everything without a mold inspector... the mold inspection, removal, and PRV.

For more than 10 sq ft, the Florida Department of Health requires that a "pure play" mold inspection company conduct the initial inspection.

Any questions? Give us a call. Ready to go? Let's get you on the schedule for an inspection.



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